2019.06.01Central Allocation of P1 Admission

Results of the Central Allocation of Primary One Admissions will be released between 1st & 2nd   June (Saturday and Sunday). Parents are required to return to the Central Allocation Centre of their Home Net on the 1st or 2nd June (Saturday and Sunday) to check the results and collect the ‘Primary One Registration Form’. When registering at the allocated primary school on the 4th or 5th June (Tuesday and Wednesday), you are required to bring along the following documents:

  1.  The ‘Primary One Registration Form’.
  2. The child’s Hong Kong Birth Certificate or identity document permitting the child to remain inHong Kong(original and photocopy of the document).
  3. Several recent passport-size photos of the child.
  4. Document with residential address.
  5. The parent/guardian’s identity document.