Greenfield English (International) Kindergarten
Greenfield English Kindergarten
Greenfield International Nursery

Each of our Greenfield Kindergartens enjoys a different but vital mix of local and international students/parents depending on locations. To our students, it is an excellent chance for them to learn English and Chinese languages and cross-culturally in a realistic environment.

International Kindergarten in Hong Kong

To Greenfield, we feel privileged to be able to offer and fine-tune our strong language options to our students, based on the performance of them and the precious feedback from the parents. It is a most rewarding moment for our staff to see a graduating student who is able to express his/her worldly ideas in English, Putonghua and Cantonese, all acquired in the course of their child education in Greenfield.

Greenfield hires qualified and experienced teachers to lead our students. For each school, the teaching staff basically is classified into two teams. The English teaching team, led by an English Head Teacher, consists of native English teachers (NETs) with appropriate qualifications. The Chinese teaching team is composed of qualified local and Putonghua speaking individuals. Greenfield encourages our teachers’ continuous education. Qualifications of our teachers include CE, B.Ed., PGDE and M.Ed.

We also hire experienced caregivers to handle the well-beings of our students. We use our own cooks and nutritional consultants to provide appropriate meals for the children. Dedicated school bus services are also available through our carefully selected transport providers.

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