Greenfield English (International) Kindergarten
Greenfield English Kindergarten
Greenfield International Nursery
About Campus

1) Campus:
The campus was built in August 2016 and is a standalone building located in the Lohas Park Hemera Phase 3 residences. The school consists of 11 classrooms.

2) Environment:
The surroundings are rich in green plants, sunshine and fresh air. The indoor and outdoor areas are spacious and well-fitted to suit the various learning and activity needs of our young students. There is also a Traffic City, Greenhouse Garden, Indoor Grass Playground and Outdoor Facilities.

3) Curriculum Characteristics:
Our dedicated curriculum team has designed a comprehensive English, Putonghua and Cantonese language curriculum. Every year, we carry out evaluation and observation on students’ learning and add new elements to the curriculum. We incorporate ‘STEM’ and ‘Trinity’ learning elements into the
curriculum, to enhance students’ cognition, personal values, independence and self-confidence.


4) Teachers:
The school consists of a team of professional teaching staff. Our Native English speaking teachers are employed from overseas and have all received Bachelor degrees from universities around the world. Our Putonghua teachers have all received their Putonghua proficiency accreditations and teaching certificates, and our Cantonese teachers have all received their Bachelor and Masters degrees from local universities.

5) Home-School Communication Channels:
Parent’s Day, Telephone Calls, Picnic Days, Sports Day, Festival Carnivals, and Parent talks about health and moral development by professionals.