• 2019.04.12Library Book Reading Scheme

      There Library Book Reading Programme has been suspended on the 12th April (Friday) due to Easter Holiday.  It will resume on the 25th April (Thursday).   *Library Programme will start the following month for all the new students joining in April.(read more)

  • 2019.04.09Ocean Park (K3)

    In order to enrich the learning experience for our children, the school has organised a field trip on 9th April (Tuesday) for our K3 students to visit Ocean Park for the activity of ‘Ocean Carnival’. (read more)

  • 2019.04.012018-2019 (Mar) The Winners of the "Moral Activity" - I can share!

    The Winners of the "Moral Activity" March 2018-2019 (I am thankful!)                                              K1A       &nbs...(read more)

  • 2019.04.01Ching Ming Festival

    There will be no school on the 5th April (Friday) due to Ching Ming Festival.(read more)

  • 2019.03.29The March Birthday Party

    The March Birthday Party will be held on Friday 29th March.(read more)

  • 2019.03.25Mid-Term Assessment

    The 2nd Term Mid Term Assessments for K1-K3 students will begin on Monday 25th March to Thursday 28th March. Class work will be reviewed during Revision Week, which begins from Monday 18th March to Friday 22nd March.  (read more)

  • 2019.03.23School Picnic

    The School Picnic has rescheduled and it will be held on the Saturday, 23rd March 2019. We will go to Pineapple Farm.(read more)

  • 2019.03.21Zero Carbon Building (K3)

    In order to enrich the learning experience for our children, the K3 children will visit ZeroCarbonBuildingon the 21st March (Thursday).(read more)

  • 2019.03.19Science Museum (K2)

    In order to know and learn more about science, the K2 children will visit Hong KongScienceMuseumon the 19th March (Tuesday).(read more)

  • 2019.03.15Earth Day

    Earth Day will be held on the 15th March (Friday). For those who have signed up for this event, please remember to bring a plastic bottle cap!(read more)